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The Pressbooks resource Fit for Online Learning has been published through the collaborative, no-fee publishing services for open textbooks and other open educational resources Open Education Alberta, hosted through the U of A Libraries as part of the Open Pressbooks Publishing project that connects several post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

In its set up and intention, the UofA Pressbooks instance is very similar to the open textbook infrastructure in B.C. and Ontario, where all educators have equal access to the respective instances:

The BC CAMPUS Open Textbook Collection can be accessed here:

The eCAMPUS Ontario Open Library can be accessed here:

This service is available to all Alberta post-secondary institutions, including the University of Lethbridge.  Request your own Pressbooks with Alberta OER using this input form. The representatives in the Teaching Centre and/ or Library will gladly support you in the adaptation and/ or creation of your Open Educational Resource with Pressbooks.


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