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 While you are certainly welcome to work through all aspects of this module, there may be aspects that are better suited to your current needs. As a result, we have designed a few choices for how you might proceed from this point. This pictures shows a hexagon to represent structure.


Option 1: Other Items to Consider In Your Syllabus

There is a great deal of other information that you may want to include in your syllabus. This option will examine a number of items that may help both you and your students better understand the parameters of your course, what they can expect from you and the material, as well as what you expect of them in return.

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Option 2: Crafting Course Outcomes

The inclusion of course outcomes can help to not only clarify the central foci of your course for students, but it can also assist you in deciding which activities and materials are key to the completion of the course, and which are superfluous to those goals. In this option we will discuss the purpose of course outcomes, how they differ from objectives or goals, and provide assistance in writing clear outcomes.

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Option 3: Designing for Online Delivery

Creating a course for online delivery is about more than just assembling the content. In a face-to-face classroom, the class structure and routine is created by you and your presence in the classroom. In an online environment, this structure and routine needs to be designed into the course design and how you present the content to the students. This option will discuss some considerations for  how you will present your course material in a straightforward and systematic structure to ensure that there are the least number of barriers to your students’ success.

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