Instructor Tutorials for Technology Used FitFOL

The FitFOL 2020 course is facilitated using a combination of the university online learning environment Moodle, our interactive course pack (within which this syllabus is one digital chapter), and freely accessible online tools.

In this chapter you will find a brief tutorial to each of the tools we have used:

Framework for determining use of technology

We apply the SECTIONS (Bates, 2015) model to determine the use of a specific technology. It guides us in the consideration of

  • Students
  • Ease of use
  • Costs
  • Teaching functions
  • Interaction
  • Organisational issues
  • Networking
  • Security and privacy

to make an informed decision. You can dive deeper into the questions pertaining to each aspect of the SECTIONS model by reading the Appendix 2 in Bates reference resource mentioned above. Move through its individual parts by clicking the NEXT button on the lower right.

Below you will find all educational technology listed in alphabetical order. Please click on the respective tools to learn more. You can also navigate this chapter by moving forward – backward using the arrows on the bottom of the page.

Name of Tool/ Medium Purpose Modules in FitFOL 2020
Camtasia Screencasting/ Video Editing 5
Canva Online Picture Editor 5
Etherpad Real-time Multiplayer Editor 5
Flipgrid Collaborative Video Vignettes Orientation
H5P Interactive Content Creator 5
Hypothesis Collaborative Web Annotations entire resource
Images Open Online Repositories 5
Moodle Learning Management System FitFOL course environment
123 App Audio/ Video Recording + Editing 5
Padlet Online Noteboard 5
Pressbooks Open Book Creation Platform Fitfol course textbook/ website resource
Qualtrics Online Survey Tool Orientation; Accessibility Statement
Snagit Picture Editing Software 5
Youtube Video Sharing Platform Orientation; 5
Zoom Video Conferencing Tool optional webinars


Bates, A. W. (Tony). (2015). Chapter 8: Choosing and using media in education: the SECTIONS model. In Teaching in a Digital Age. Tony Bates Associates Ltd.


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