Moodle and Copyright

Workshop Description: 

In this one-hour long hands-on workshop, you will be learning how to:

  • search for online-friendly resources (preferably OER or subscriptions items purchased by the U of L; e.g. images, journal articles, websites, videos, etc) (Joerdis)
  • make sure to you copyright-approved content in Moodle (Rumi)
  • use of Moodle as a repository to upload and curate your content for students (Joerdis),

Hosts: Rumi Graham (Library) and Jördis Weilandt (Teaching Centre)


Moodle Tutorial for Beginner Users:

Moodle Demonstration Course. You can self-enrol using this link:

Major OER repositories:

Copyright website:

Copyright FAQs:

Library website:

Library databases:

Link to Subject Librarians:


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