Youtube is a video streaming platform that you can use to share your own video creations with either selected people through the unlisted and/or private options or with the world if made public.

TEACHING: As an instructor, you might consider using Youtube as a hub, from which students can access your recorded lectures, tutorials or other teaching videos without needing to download anything or logging into an account.

Once you have uploaded a video to Youtube, you can embed the share link into your email messages to students, into websites or into the Moodle Learning Management System LMS. Considering the embed into Moodle, you will not need to worry about large-size formats since embedding doesn’t require you to upload the original video. A simple url share link posted to Moodle Forums, sections, pages will automatically embed a player, so that student can conveniently watch your video within Moodle.

EXAMPLE:EXAMPLE: Below this paragraph you can see an example of a video hosted on Youtube – the Moodle Navigation Video, which was then embedded into the FitFOL Course Expectations Document.

This is a screenshot of the Youtube editor

TUTORIAL: If you would like to learn how to Set up a Youtube account, upload videos and embed your YouTube videos in Moodle, click on the following link[PDF] .

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