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The Teaching Centre has developed a series of comprehensive online faculty PD pertaining to the Design and Facilitation of Learning online. In 2019, two online courses know by their names FLOd and FLOF were offered to prepare U of L educators for their online and blended teaching assignment.

You can click on the following two open course textbooks to learn more. If you are interested in participating in either of these two more intensive PD opportunities, reach out to us via email: We will gladly get back to you to discuss further details.

Credit notice: The FLOd 2019 and FLOf2019 courses are inspired by the FLO courses created by SCOPE – BC Campus Learning and Teaching, which we retrieved on February 2nd, 2019 from the Self-Serve Open Educational Resources.

1. FLOd 2019 – Designing an Online Course

During the 5 week FLOd online course participants will:

  • explore learning theories, instructional design approaches, related frameworks, models and quality standards;
  • identify a topic and describe the intended learners for your short unit of online learning;
  • create a design plan and prototype learning activities for a unit of online learning in your own online course;
  • discuss design choices with peers, and give and receive constructive feedback;
  • explore “quality” and/or Universal Design of Learning (UDL) principles as design guides;
  • share a final plan/learning unit design, and engage others in a “walk-through” of a prototype learning experience;

You can access the FLOd course resource pack independently here:

2. FLOf 2019 – Facilitating Learning Online

This is the second part in the sequence of U of L training relating to online teaching. It focuses on several aspects of effective online course facilitation.

During the 10 week FLOd online course participants will:

  • facilitate engaging online learning courses,
  • integrate  adult and online learning theories and principles into effective learning activities,
  • purposefully apply a variety of learning-facilitation techniques and strategies,
  • give and receive constructive feedback to enhance the learning experience of your online students,
  • moderate assessments that align with the learning outcomes in your course(s).

You can access the FLOf open course textbook here:

Feedback from past FLO participants indicates that the hands-on practice was key to their enjoyment of the course and the synthesis of their learning. We hope the same holds true for you.

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