Working with the Online Learner

Guiding Questions for the Module

Working through this module will help you answer some of the following questions:
This picture shows a circle of people to symbolize the instructor's work with students in an online course cohort.
  • How can I communicate to my students the fundamentals of learning in my online course, including expectations and supports for navigation and academic success?
  • How can I build success into my courses to support all diverse online learners with their different forms of motivation and learning preferences, personalities and cultural backgrounds, academic knowledge and study skills, independence and disabilities?
  • How can I facilitate opportunities for all of my online students to develop core undergraduate/ graduate attributes (e.g. critical thinking, collaboration, conflict resolution, problem-solving, reflection)?

Learning Outcomes

This module will equip you with the competencies to:

  1. plan for and implement digital devices and resources into the teaching process, so as to enhance the effectiveness of teaching interventions,
  2. appropriately manage and orchestrate digital teaching interventions,
  3. experiment with and develop new formats and pedagogical methods for instruction,
  4. use digital technologies to offer timely and targeted guidance and assistance,
  5. ensure accessibility to learning resources and activities, for all learners, including those with special needs,
  6. consider and respond to learners’ (digital) expectations, abilities, uses and misconceptions, as well as contextual, physical or cognitive constraints to their use of digital technologies.

UDL: You can listen to one of your instructors read out the guiding questions and learning outcomes audio format for you here.




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