2.2 Searching the Library Catalog for a Known Title

Your search for a known title will likely start with a reference to a source you wish to find. See the book title below as an example.

Jordan, R., Roberts, J., & Hume, K. A. (2019). The SAGE Handbook of autism and education. SAGE.

The title of the source can be entered in the UofA Library’s Search box, as shown below, or in quotation marks to search for the words together as a phrase, e.g. “SAGE Handbook of autism and education”.

The results presented from the UofA’s Search the Library consists of a list of records, ie. descriptions of library titles both in print and electronic formats.

If you are accessing Search the Library from off campus, you may see a yellow band (see sample image below) at the top of your browser window with the words: “Welcome, Guest. Sign in to your institution for full access to your library’s resources.” Please go ahead and click on the link and enter your CCID to sign into the library catalogue. Doing so will ensure that you are able to access all of the electronic resources available at the University of Alberta Library.
EDS Authentication Yellow Band
  • The book title The SAGE Handbook of autism and education, for example, exists only in electronic format and has one corresponding record. Look through the list of results to find the online title that is available to the University of Alberta. Examine the different parts of a list of records and click on the symbol to learn about each.
  • To open the electronic book record, click on the record for the ebook title[1] in the list of results that is accessible to the University of Alberta as indicated by the wording — Copies owned by: University of Alberta Internet.

See the next chapter for a presentation of library records and how to understand the information they present.



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