2.1 Where to Start Searching for Known Titles

  • Watch the introductory video on where to start searching for a general overview of basic library searching strategies. Please note that the initial information on searching the NEOS library consortium catalogue using the library webpage search box is superceded as of May 3rd 2021. The search box still exists, but it searches not only the NEOS library catalogue, but also 300+ article databases using Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS).
  • Use the Search the Library search box on the main page of the UofA library website to enter book titles or journal titles (ie. words that appear in italics or are underlined in a citation) that you wish to find.
  • If you are unsure of how the library catalogue is to be searched, please consult the Search Tips.
  • The next chapters will guide you through the process of searching for known titles in the library catalogue.


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