Module 3: Learning Activity 1

Before you will continue with your actual planning, please access some of the green modules you see listed in week 3.  In their totality, they represent all the critical elements that you will need to consider when designing significant learning online. Each module will present you with guidelines or critical issues and thereby prepare you for the next steps in the planning of your online course.

You are free to choose any of the modules, but the minimum requirement will be to work through 3 of the 8 green modules below. You access them by clicking on either of the green buttons in the section 3.


  1. As you enter a specific module book, you will see that most of them have multiple chapters. Browse through those with the task in mind to jot down ideas for your own planning. Collect those ideas in a Cryptpad that you create for yourself by accessing this link and choosing the Rich Textpad option. Save the cryptpad url and share your link with us in the Open Forum after you’ve accessed 3 of the 8 listed modules below. The due date to post your cryptpad link will be Friday midnight.
  2. Identify an area that you want to start developing as part of your own course. You can choose to develop the orientation to your course, a specific module within it or resources and activities that you will need for teaching online. Inform the instructor of your choice by doing this quick poll. 
Modules week 3
Note that access to the Moodle modules is for UofL members only

The modules are created with the Moodle book resource, which you can navigate by using the menu on the top left or the arrow icons to the right to move in between chapters of a specific book. Each of the book resource can be saved and downloaded if you want to retain the content.


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