Module 1: Lecture

Before doing Activity 2, watch Lecture 1: Connecting Learning Theory to Instructional Design (30 mins.)

After you’ve shared your insights on Learning Theory with us in the previous activity, it will be time to consolidate your knowledge by watching this interactive lecture of the week. You can watch simply those of the 8 separate video vignettes that interest you the most.

Lecture for Module 1 in Week 1: Connecting Learning Theory to Instructional Design

BACKGROUND TO TASK: This lecture contains several parts that will help you answer the questions shown in the picture below.

NOTE THAT you can navigate in between the slides to access specific video vignettes that are of interest to you. The titles on the lower left indicate the topic covered in the particular video sections. Feel free to take your picks. The videos are interactive in the sense that you can check your understanding by doing the brief self-evaluations at the end of each video. In order to get to the lecture, click on the picture below. You will be directed to the website of the FLO instructor. Scroll down and enjoy.

You can access the interactive lecture by clicking here. Then scroll down the page.

Finally, you can join our course conversation to share with us your articulation of your own approach to teaching online. We will discuss our approaches in a Moodle Forum in the next activity on the next page, where you will also find a few more details to guide you in your post.



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