6 Comic-Related Lesson Ideas

Aaron Thacker

Option 1: Comics and Textbooks

What is the relationship between the narrative of a typical comic book and the historical narrative of a textbook? What about the pseudo-historical narrative of a meta-comic book like The Watchmen?

Potential Assignment

Choose a “superhero” comic book from the library, and compare the depiction of the villain in that narrative to a “villain” in your textbook.


Option 2: Fiction-informed History

Evil is often portrayed in fiction narratives in a manner that parallels evil in historical narratives—e.g., “HYDRA” in the Marvel universe (esp. Captain America) is a Nazi organization with a Hitler-esque leader, “Red Skull”—so are there examples of the opposite process occurring (historical narratives mimicking fiction)?

Potential Assignment

Consider the characteristics of the villain in your favourite Marvel film, and compare those characteristics to a negative depiction—in an article, blog, series of tweets, vlog, etc.—of a prominent, contemporary figure (e.g., Trump, Trudeau, Notley, etc.). Identify the similarities between these two constructions of “villains.”


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