20 Chapter 9 – Self-Reflection Questions Impressionism Wrap-Up

Self-Reflection Questions 9.2 & 9.3

  • Impressionism was a radical departure from the mainstream art of the time. However, it is now, in the 21st century, considered quite a ‘safe’ and ‘uncontroversial’ kind of art that is looked down upon by some circles. Knowing what you know about Impressionism, do you feel it is still a misunderstood art form but just in opposite ways of how it was misunderstood at its own time? Or do you feel that presenting the world as it appears is too small a scope for a serious artist in the 21st century? Explain your stance either way as if you were describing your ideas to your favorite and most-loved family member or friend.
  • What are your feelings about Impressionism? Is there something you love/hate about it or one of its practitioners?



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